Wednesday, December 10, 2014


In case you didn't notice I am not blogging this week. I having a very off week. I stopped a medication which threw everything off and turned me into a crazy person. Not fun. Plus, I am now in the middle of finals. So I will be back to blogging after finals! 

If you are currently in the middle of finals- good luck!

Thursday, December 4, 2014


Let's face it, I am not getting anything for Christmas this year. My awesome parents helped me buy my plane ticket and I am beyond grateful. Plus my dad is my boss and he is letting me take two weeks off. But just because I know I am not getting a gift, doesn't mean I still can't have a list, right? Mainly since my list is the few things I would still love to get for my trip plus some shiny earrings because I love earrings.

My favorite is the Lo and Sons bag, check out how The Everygirl packed theirs. It would make my life easier since I am hoping to only take a carry-on suitcase and a larger bag for under my seat. (I know it is insane to try to do that for a two week winter trip but I am going to try!) It has so many pockets to keep you organized and even has a place to put your shoes! Basically it is the best travel bag ever created. 

Christmas List

What is on your Christmas list?

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I have been hunting for inspiration lately. When big things happen in my life instead of feeling overwhelmed or sad, I always try to find new inspiration. Never underestimate the power of inspiration to make your day turn around. Lately, I have really been loving white sofas, ginger jars, wood tables, and wallpaper. All things I usually love but now I am looking at new ways to use them. I have a bunch of ideas for my next place and am really looking forward to what the future will bring.