Wednesday, September 4, 2013

wish list: home edition

so i am in the middle of redoing my space.
i started painting yesterday. white was the winner!
(ps floor to ceiling curtains are a great idea until you have to take them down and fall off the ladder.)

there are a few things on my wish list.
these will hopefully be ending up in my space in the next few months.
(yes, months. i'm a girl on a budget so things get spread out over months.)

sofa. it's navy velvet and down filled. so basically heaven. 
i have been lusting after this sofa for a very long time. i started saving for it a few months ago.
and will be asking for west elm gift cards for christmas. i NEED this pretty piece of furniture happiness.
(now if you follow me on instagram, you know i was going to just reupholster the one i have to save some money. well turns out it will cost me the same as getting a new one. so i'm voting for new one.)

i have been needing some sort of table space and since i rearranged everything i will have room.
i fell in love with this thanks to mackenzie's home tour.
(i am also looking at a tulip table, but don't know if it will fit.) 

getting a table means i will need a chair.
i have been obsessed with this since it came out.
roxy kills me with everything she makes. 
also loving this one.

what do you want for your home?


  1. Love the navy dining room chairs, very elegant. Perfect for hosting dinner parties!

  2. I am so jealous of that sofa you have to get it! Its gorgeous

  3. love the navy couch and the console table.


  4. Gorgeous sofa! Just got a West Elm sofa and it is so lovely!

  5. OH yes on that sofa! The CB2 console is fun, I have the coffee table in my studio. It does scratch easily. I like the JA one at JC Penny, especially for the price!